Escape Rooms

The Doomsday Prepper

You and a group of friends were invited to a house party.  Unfortunately, someone in your group heard the address incorrectly and brought you to the wrong house!  You walk in and stumble upon a room filled with mysterious newspaper articles, photographs, and links to different countries.

You turn around and you see a crazy conspirator who believe’s the world is coming to an end!

You’ve seen his research and he believe’s you’ve been sent by the Shadow Government to destroy his work and take him away.  Instead, he has plans for you and your friends –  He’s going to blow up the house with everyone in it!

You’ve got 60 mins to escape before the bomb goes off.  Will you escape in time?  Will you be brave enough to disarm the bomb and save the neighborhood?


The Drunken Sailor’s Basement

You and your friends have been kidnapped by a crazy old sailor who loves playing poker.  He’s preparing his boat to take you far away from this city and keep you as his own personal trophies.

A life of bad breath smelling, hairy back massage giving, and endless bad poker playing await you.

You have 60 mins to escape before he gets back and ships you out of this town for good!

Coming Soon!

The Heist

You’ve discovered that your suspicious acting neighbor is actually a wanted thief.  He’s got a stash of cash, jewelry, and fine artwork that he’s accumulated over time.

You’re trapped in his house after tripping his security system.

He’s contemplating on how best to get rid of you before you rat him out to the cops.   Will  he, dump your body in the Bay?  Bury you in the the Hills?  Or just burn your body up to into ash?

You only have 60 minutes before your impending DOOM!  Escape the room before it’s too late!