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What happens to forged steel Y filter compared with cast steel? Forged steel Y-type filter has more outstanding properties than cast steel. Forged steel has higher quality than cast steel, can withstand large impact force and high temperature and high pressure. Its plasticity, toughness and other mechanical properties are also higher than cast steel Y-type filter. Therefore, it is the best in some important machinery and equipment and important complex working conditions. Y-type filters made of forged steel are used as filters. There will be no external leakage caused by handling collision and casting sand holes.

Pipeline equipped with Y-type filter of forged steel can be divided into discontinuous operation and continuous operation. During intermittent operation, cut-off valves are set before and after forged steel Y-type filters in order to clean the filters. During continuous operation, two sets of filters in parallel are required for permanent filters, and cut-off valves are installed before and after the filters (except for line-gap filters).
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