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锻钢截止阀的优点又有哪些呢? What are the advantages of forged steel globe valves?

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What are the advantages of forged steel globe valves?
Forged steel globe valve: refers to a forged steel valve whose opening and closing parts [discs] slide along the center line of the seat. The globe valve has a short opening and closing journey, and has a very reliable partition capacity. Moreover, the change of the valve seat opening is proportional to the journey, so it is very suitable for flow regulation. So the globe valve can be used for regulating.
First: In the opening and closing process, the friction between the opening and closing parts and the sealing surface is relatively small, so the globe valve is relatively wear-resistant.
2. Opening height is much smaller than gate valve.
Three: It is easier to maintain, because only the globe valve has one sealing surface.
Fourth: The high temperature resistance grade, because its filler is a mixture of graphite, so usually high temperature valves are used globe valves.
One: The flow resistance of globe valves is higher than that of most types of valves, because the direction of the medium changes when it passes through the valves.


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